Agriculture is the foundation of every developed economy as it is the main driver for services such as manufacturing industries, packaging, transport/logistics and marketing.

Our Interest in the agriculture sector is fueled by our need to be food self-sufficient. We firmly believe that with our interest, expertise and experience in the agricultural sector, we should be able to cultivate fruits and vegetables for local and international markets.

The need for food self-sufficiency cannot be over emphasized and at Elixir Global Group, we believe we can contribute our quota to national development and continue to be a commercially viable business in the process. At Sare Yorro, in the North Bank Region, Elixir Global Group owns a 5.5 hectare farmland and cultivates 2.5 hectares for an all-year round production of various vegetables such as Okra, Sweet and Chili Pepper, Eggplant, Bitter Tomatoes just to name a few, and another 2.5 hectares for the cultivation of fruits such as Papaya and Bananas.

In the near future, we intend to venture into the poultry industry which has huge market potentials in The Gambia. In The Gambia it is estimated that over 18,000 tons of poultry is consumed annually but about less than 5% of this is produced locally. With government policies laying specific emphasis on local produce, we believe this presents huge opportunities.

Elixir Global Group is also involved in the consolidation and Exportation of Oil Seeds (mainly Peanuts/Ground Nuts, Cashew Nuts and Sesame) from across the West African Sub-region to international buyers across the world

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